German Humanitarian Initiative for South Asian (SATHI) is a friendly place for south Asian contingent. We will provide necessary information to the people from south Asia, which will help them to promote their living standard. It is a non- governmental and non-profitable organization community – based project. The people of South Asian and Germans found it in 28 October 2011.

The main goal of the organization is to provide necessary information and counseling about health, social, educational and cultural issues of South Asian migrants living in Germany. It also helps to promote different network in different fields.

Germany is one country where gathering and dialogue for people from 190 nations. Around 20000people from East Asia (Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Bhutan Maldives and Afghanistan) are living here.

Most of our citizens with a migration background will not return to their home country at the old age or the end of their life.

Foreign habits or customs, different religions, different views of life, different illness perceptions and another pain expression in everyday life can lead to misunderstandings. This requires sensitive accompaniment and support or assistance

Sathi has set itself an objective ” sensible for culture ” for the intercultural groups and their family members those are dying or depending for the care.

Our Services:

Counseling: Individual and group counseling according to the client’s needs. Services are provided in German, English, Nepali, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali. Our Counseling is confidential, Anonymous and exceptional

Escorting: Accompanying clients in the different services they needs including medical

Help: Assisting in filling application forms and writing letter to the office.

Education/Training: Information regarding social/further education and training

Health: Counseling about health and insurance system in Germany

Our services are free of charge. We have no support from any other organization or from state. We have to manage room charge and office material from the fee of membership and Donation. So that we are expecting donation or support from you.