The project “Doors to the Future, for children” is an art project for Children in Nepal. It is going to held in Kathmandu on 5, 6, 7 and 8 January 2016. The project is a part of an international humanitarian aid project of German Humanitarian Initiatives for South Asian (Sathi), Berlin, Germany and artist Karl Küffel. The implementation of the project is going to conduct in the premises of Mithila-yen Art Gallery Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal and co-ordinate by Lila- Radhika Humanitarian Initiative for Senior citizen center Kathmandu Nepal. 7 Children are participating for this project and they are related from different rural part ( Bajura, Sindhuli,
Sarlahi, Nawalparashi, Palpa, Makawanpur and Dang ) of Nepal. There will be 3 senior citizen from different part of Nepal.
The participants will painting openly without any observation from the artist although there are some artists from Nepal and also from Germany. They will just guide them how to work with the painting materials in a canvas. After 3 days painting the painting will put in an open exhibition so that all school children and other interested persons can come and see the paintings. After that we will collect the paintings and will carry in Germany. We have already done such project in Berlin Germany and Nicaragua. And also it in planned to do it same in Afghanistan and other part of world. After that we will put all the paintings in exhibition so that if some are interested can buy those painting to open the door of future of that child or other needy children those how are far from the schooling opportunity.

In this regard we would heartily welcome and like to request to all of the respective and popular News Media and Publication Houses of Nepal and abroad to support and help to discrimination the information and news related, through their respective and popular News Media and Publication to get success and fruitful outcomes of this project.
It will be great pleasure for participating Nepalese Children including Senior Citizens and us if we got a positive support from all.


• Lila-Radhika Humanitarian intercultural senior citizen centre Kathmandu, Nepal

• German Humanitarian Initiatives for South Asian (Sathi), Berlin, Germany.

• And Humanist Artist Karl Küffel Berlin Germany