“Doors to the future for migrant children“ in London

The project “Doors to the future for children” is an art project for children with migration background in Berlin. This project is a part of an international humanitarian aid project. “Doors to the future for children” of the artist Karl Küffel. Mr. Küffel sees himself as a contemporary, humanistic and a visual artist. The implementation of the project is expected to take on 2016-17 in London with the help and cooperation of German humanitarian initiative for south Asians – ‘’Sathi Berlin’’
The Project period will take about 4 days. The main core of the project is ‘’painting the doors by children’’, children will work freely in a group of about seven to ten children with the guidance of the Artist on how to work with the painting materials in a canvas. The children will show their will, wish and desire with the artistic interpretation through their paintings. Only the participating children are allowed to stay on the foreground, they are simultaneously performers and artists. The entire process and activities of the project will be documented with Video
recording. After 3 days of painting, the paintings will be placed in an exhibition so that all schoolchildren and other interested persons can visit and have a look at the paintings. After that the paintings will be brought to Germany.

At the end of this international project ‘’ Door the future for children’’ we will put all the paintings in a big solo exhibition in Germany and other places. This project is a humanitarian child project. This is from children for children, regardless of ethnic origin, cultural orientation and religion or to a higher-level understanding and thus become a mainstay of humanitarian trade. The main theme of this project are:

  • Through the artistic work of participant children motivating themselves for a creation.
  • To motivate other children from the activity of the Participants.
  • To give a message to other person and the society to help the future of at least one child who is in need of support.
  • After gathering all the doors, we will organize a solo exhibition for selling the paintings in Berlin and other parts of Europe. That child artist of the painting will receive 40% from the selling value and other 60% will be invested for other poor children for their schooling and Lirahaus Nepal.
  • Through the exhibition, the child artist can also be famous in the world of art. We hope that this initiative will also help the child Artist for his/her further career.

We have already successfully done such projects in Nicaragua (2013), Berlin- Germany (2014), and in Nepal (2015-16) together with Lila-Radhika Humanitarian Intercultural Senior Citizen Kathmandu, Nepal. Moreover, we are planning to do such projects in other parts of world, after which all the paintings will be put in exhibition so that interested persons can buy those painting to open the door of future of that child or other needy children those who are far from the schooling opportunity.
More information about Artist Karl Küffel: and Sathi Berlin can be accessed under the following:-
Project Video link here