Donation for the children from the Project ‚‘‘Door to the future for children”
A Donation for needy children and old people

The children aid project, Doors to the Future for underprivileged children is a Humanitarian aid project for children. It is a concept of humanitarian artist Karl Küffel. First time it started in 2013 from Nicaragua and also was conducted in Nepal with success in 2015-16.

A second child art project, Doors to the future for immigrant children was carried out in autumn 2014 in Berlin with success. This project will continue in other major cities such as London, Paris and Madrid from 2016 to compare the actual living conditions of migrant children and determine how far these kids feel integrated into their new home.

In Berlin project children from different societies and family backgrounds participated. They showed their different needs, fears and wishes for the future in a graphical form. From this playful approach, these children can express their feelings unfiltered to express and show the adults directly, what else can be done for them for their better future.
We are also working to help the elderly people in Nepal by giving a new space for their rest of the life by constructing a nursing home and hospital in Kathmandu. Through your small donation, you can personally open a door for the better future of a child or a better life for elderly. For further information about our activities, you can check the website of German Humanitarian initiatives for South Asia e.g., Sathi and Lila-Radhika Humanitarian Intercultural Senior Centre Kathmandu (Nepal), Lirahaus'. Your donations can help the education of children and the realization of an old people's home in Kathmandu. Out of the total collected donations of this program 60% will be used for the child project and remaining 40% for the development of the nursing home.

Regardless of a donation or further information about the project, you could directly contact Mr. Dr. Dharma Raj Bhusal.

Donation Account:
Deutsche Humanitäre Initiativen für Süd Asien e.V. ‘‘Sathi‘‘
IBAN: DE16120300001020189294
Bank: DKB Bank

More information about the organizations and Project:

Dr. Dharma Raj Bhusal,
Postfach 02 12 87, 10124 Berlin (Germany)
Mobile: 0049 1747812169